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Olive Oil News

There is an entire process prior to the moment you can put your 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete into your kitchen cupboard. You can experience this process together with us, because on this page we show you what is involved at our olive grove and beyond. Follow here how our olives grow on the tree, but even better; see when we harvest the olives and after that when the olives are pressed. In short, stay informed about the latest olive oil news and learn to understand why everyone calls this the liquid gold.

Latest articles about olive oil from Crete

Preparing for the olive harvest on Crete Greece 2022

By |October 19th, 2022|

Preparing for the olive harvest on Crete, Greece 2022: Every year, farmers are looking forward to the moment the olive factories open their doors. This is also for us the sign that we can start harvesting the olives. Usually this is by the end of November and we harvest our olives sometime in December. The beginning of November [...]

Olive oil Greece

By |January 26th, 2022|

Olive oil Greece: A nice gift for real gourmets: extra virgin olive oil from Greece. Something that should not be missed in the kitchen. Order your tins with the best olive oil from Greece, Crete here. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greece: There are many different types of olives. Some are used only for production of olive oil, others only [...]

Oliveharvest on Crete Greece

By |December 2nd, 2019|

Oliveharvest on Crete Greece Like every year, it was time for the oliveharvest on Crete in November. Under a clear blue sky and with summer temperatures, we started harvesting olives on our olive field. In the first instance we bring all necessary equipment such as the harvesting sticks, generator, olive nets to the olive field. [...]

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