Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crete Greece: There are many different types of olives. Some are used only for production of olive oil, others only for consumption and there are varieties that are suitable for both purposes. In addition to different types of olives, there are also different types of olive oil. And there is a lot of confusion about this. Which olive oil is the best? In other words, which olive oil is healthy for consumption?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crete Greece: Many people think that green olive oil is of better quality and richer in flavour than yellow olive oil. But the colour of the olive oil is not entirely a proof of the quality. A good olive oil has a green to golden yellow colour and can even look cloudy. The colour of the product has to do with the presence of predominant dyes. If the olive oil contains a lot of chlorophyll, then the colour will be green. When the olive oil contains a lot of carotene, the colour will be golden yellow.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greece: It is mainly the acidity that determines the quality of the olive oil. According to international guidelines, an olive oil for consumption has a maximum acidity of 3.3%. In reality the olive oil with an acidity up to 1% is the best.  The acidity of Greek olive oil is generally lower than 0.8% and is of very high quality. The way of harvesting, storing and pressing the olives all contribute to the acidity. When the acidity is high, you can taste it; the flavour is unpleasant.

Choosing the right type of olive oil for your needs is not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few guidelines:

Extra Virgin olive oil

The olive oil that comes from the “first pressing” of the olive, is extracted without the use of heat (a cold press) or chemicals and gets the status “extra virgin” with an acidity lower than 0.8%. It is a superior olive oil and ideal to use for example as a salad dressing. This oil can certainly also be used for baking and roasting.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crete Greece

Virgin olive oil comes from the second pressing. This is an acceptable alternative to Extra Virgin olive oil, but it does not have the same delicious flavour. This is slightly more bitter, and the acidity is also higher. To improve the flavour, it is nice to add herbs or spices to the oil.

Pure olive oil

Pure olive oil, often simply called olive oil, undergoes some processing, such as filtering and refining. This olive oil is industrially manufactured and has an unpleasant taste and smell. It can only be consumed after it being processed.

Buy Extra virgin Olive Oil

You will find various names on the labels of the olive oil packaging, but only the Extra Virgin olive oil is the very best. The label must also state the level of acidity. The lower the acidity, the healthier and tastier is the olive oil.

With the utmost care and love for the product we maintain our olive grove. On Crete, the farmers still harvest their olives manually using traditional methods. The pressing of the olives is done according to strict rules to ensure that the final product, the olive oil, is of impeccable quality. In our web shop we sell our own olive oil, which may carry the label 100%  Extra Virgin olive oil.