Oliveharvest on Crete Greece

Like every year, it was time for the oliveharvest on Crete in November. Under a clear blue sky and with summer temperatures, we started harvesting olives on our olive field. In the first instance we bring all necessary equipment such as the harvesting sticks, generator, olive nets to the olive field.

In the beginning, the nets are laid under the olive trees and the harvesting sticks are connected to the power generator. Now the olive harvest can begin. The rotating heads of the sticks move up and down through the branches of the olive tree. The olives fall like raindrops on the nets and it literally rains olives. Subsequently, the olives are placed from the nets in a shaker and by shaking many leaves and small twigs are sorted out. The olives fall to the side in a bag, which is later brought to the olive factory to be pressed. A full bag of olives weighs around 50 pounds.

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The olive harvest is a very labor-intensive job. The participants must therefore be physically fit. The nets are then placed under the following trees again. And this repeats itself until all the trees are done.

The full and heavy bags are then transported to the factory and an appointment is made for the moment of pressing. The bags are opened on the day of pressing and the olives fall into a hopper. The olives are cleaned via a conveyor belt and continue to the press.

The olives are cold pressed in the press. Then the pure olive oil, also called the gold of Crete, is separated by a centrifuge. The oil flows into a large container where it is also weighed. Now comes free citation generator the exciting moment to see how many liters of olive oil the crop has produced. But even more important is the moment when the oil is tested for quality.

This is about the acidity. The olive oil is then tapped from our basin into our barrels. We leave the factory with our fresh olive oil, the production process from harvest to olive oil is complete.

We were again very happy with the harvest and the great quality of our olive oil. We can rightly say that we offer a top product in our online store.