Crete Olive Oil 4 cans 500ml (shipping costs BE and DE 25 euro)


Our superior quality extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from olives from our olive trees at the olive
groves in Anopoli, Crete. Every winter we harvest our olive trees manually with our own team of olive
pickers. After we pick the olives, the olives will be packed in large jute bags and immediately transported
to the local olive factory. Here the olives are rinsed, crushed and pressed into olive oil. In the olive oil
factory, we follow the whole process of crushing olives and pressing the crushed olives into olive oil. The
quality of the olive oil is tested immediately after the pressing of the oil and again 3 months after the
olive oil has settled. After the olive oil has settled, it is bottled by a Cretan factory. In the summer we
ensure that the olive trees get enough water and manual care for a perfect winter harvest of our olive

All the process, from the picking of the olives, the subsequent crushing and the bottling of our extra
virgin olive oil is performed under E.U. manufacturing regulations.
You can now order our premium quality olive oil online!

Off course, you can order olive oil for your own use, but it is also a perfect present for anyone who likes
to experience the rich delicious taste and health benefits of olive oil. Olive oil can be used as a salad
dressing or as a healthy alternative to butter or other fats when preparing dishes. Olive oil is full of
healthy fats, for more information on the healthy benefits of olive oil, Click Here.

Our olive oil is available in a stylish 500 ml can. After placing your order, your olive oil will be delivered
within 2-3 working days.

For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


This olive oil can be ordered here. 4 cans cost 48 euros, excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs BE and DE are 25 euro. This delicious olive oil, which is packed in a dark recyclable can, can be ordered here. Mail us for more information or to place your order.


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