Idaia GI Rose (6 bottles)


We supply this delicious rose wine in a box of 6 bottles. The shipping costs will be added to this.



A dry, rosé wine from Crete. Fresh due to the taste of strawberry and cherry, with a fruity aftertaste. The wine is a mix of Liatiko (50%) and Grenache Rouge (50%) grapes.

The Liatiko grape produces light red wines with a subtle, floral and spicy fragrance, sufficient acidity and little tannin. Grenache Rouge provides the notes of red fruit with hints of strawberry and cherry.

The grapes grow on a vineyard near Dafnes, at an altitude of 400-500 meters. The vineyard faces north and is located on a calcium-clay soil, with rainy, mild winters and cool summers.

The fermentation process takes place at 26 ° C.

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