Idaia GI Red (6 bottles)


We supply this delicious red wine in a box of 6 bottles. The shipping costs will be added to this.



The Idaia GI is a dark red wine, with a rich taste of vanilla, plum, coffee and notes of chocolate. The aftertaste is long and gives a fruity sensation. The combination of Kotsifali grapes (65%) and Mandilaria grapes (35%) provides this unique taste. After pressing, the wine is aged in oak barrels for 8 months.

The Kotsifali grape grows almost exclusively on Crete. This grape contains little color, tannin and acid, but relatively much alcohol. That is why this grape is usually mixed with another grape variety. That is the Mandilaria grape in this wine. The Mandilaria grape provides the deep dark red color, fruity taste and is rich in tannin and acid.

The grapes grow on a vineyard near Dafnes, at an altitude of 400-500 meters. The vineyard faces north and is located on a calcium-clay soil, with rainy, mild winters and cool summers.

The fermentation process takes place at 26 ° C. This wine goes well with red meat and strong tasting cheeses.

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