Greek wine from Crete

Greek wine: Idaia wine from Crete: Idaia is a delicious and affordable wine. The Idaia wine comes from a vineyard in Venerato, a village in the heart of the Malevizi area with vineyards and 18 kilometers south of the capital Heraklion in Crete. This area has been known for wine production for centuries. Evidence of this is the ancient Archaic and Roman wine presses, which can still be found there.

The location of the Idaia Winery is 305 meters above sea level and within the wine region of Dafnes. This whole area of ​​hills and valleys, combined with limestone soil, a warm climate and the sea breeze of Crete, is perfect for the growth of the grapes. The sweet wine from this region, during the Venetian and Ottoman times, was called “Malvazia”. Today, not only sweet wines are produced. The company makes both red and white wine. For the red wine, mainly the Kotsifali, Mandilari and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are used and for the white wine the Vilana and Thrapsathiri grapes.

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Wine from Crete has improved in quality in recent years. International awards for Greek wines are also won every year! For example, Idaia wine has also won several awards.

The name of the company Idaia was in ancient times the name for Crete: Idaia was a Cretan nymph and mother of ten boys, the Curetes. Her husband Dias, the king of Crete, named the whole island “Idaia” to honor his wife. The company’s trademark, the eight-petal daisy, is one of the symbols depicted on the Phaestos disc. The Cretans used to believe that this was the symbol of the star Sirius.